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Preciosa Candy beads

Preciosa Chilli beads projects

Zip Bracelet Thorny Twig Unkempt bracelet


Preciosa Ripple beads projects

Swarovski NEON pearls

PRECIOSA Pip Beads Projects

Wire and Pip Flowering Meadow Jasmine


New Swarovski Projects

crystal Pearls Necklace Crystal Rose Patina Heart Bracelet Earrings Patina Spikes Shimmering grapes

Preciosa Pellet Beads

Easter Projects




Halloween Projects


Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Projects

Earrings Bermuda Triangle Necklace and earrings Berry Patch Bracelet 007 Necklace Braveheart
Necklace Lilac Splendor Necklace Linked In Bracelet Moss Beach Necklace Shade Noir
Necklace Shadows in the Mist Bracelet Taste of Spring Earrings The City

Swarovski's Launches of Blends


Swarovski's innovations for Fall/Winter 2014/15

Dome Bead Bracelet

Fish from the Caribbean

For All Children

Black and White.
Seed beads bracelets

Floral Romance.
Headband with a ribbon

With the Fragrance of Lavender. Seed Bead Lavender Sprays


Beaded key ring


Beaded shoes


Beaded necklace loops


Beaded summer chain

Table Decoration


Fancy Square

Fancy square necklace


Wire Bangle

Ocean bangle



Preciosa project. Rocaille beads


 African Wedding
African wedding necklace. Swarovski project

Cabochette Hoop
Cabochette hoop earrings

Rose Gold Disco Fever
Rose Gold Disco Fever earrings. Swarovski project

Smooth as Light Silk
 Smooth as Light Silk. Earrings. Swarovski project

Lombard Street
Lombard Street necklace. Swarovski project

Meteor Shower
 Meteor Shower earrings. Swarovski project

Meteor Shower
 Meteor Shower necklace. Swarovski project

Rings of Gold
 Rings of Gold Bracelet. Swarovski project

Globes of Saturn
Globes of Saturn Necklace. Swarovski project


Double Rainbow Drops 
Double Rainbow Earrings

Hammer Drops
Hammer Drops

BeCahrming Pavé Dangles Earrings
BeCahrming Pavé Dangles Earrings

Tasselled Earrings 
Tasselled Earrings

Three Times a Charm
 Three Times a Charm




 St.Valentine Day project

Inspirational Projects

 Preciosa Farfalle Beads bracelet  Preciosa Spike Beads Earrings Preciosa Seed Bead Wedding Diadem


More Holidays Projects


Decorate your Holidays

Beginners Projects 



Alice necklace

Astor Lily

Astor Lily bracelet

Candy 'N' Mint

Candy Mint Bangle


XMas Mini Projects

Swarovski XMas project Black Ice Snowflake
Swarovski XMas project Forest Trees Icicle
Swarovski XMas project Frost Snowflake
Swarovski XMas project Golden Spiral
Swarovski XMas project Golden Triple Icicle
Swarovski XMas project Holy Ivy spiral
Swarovski XMas project Holy Jolly Icicle
Swarovski XMas project Ho-Ho-Ho Icicle
Swarovski XMas project Royal Icicle
Swarovski XMas project Silver Spiral
Swarovski XMas project Winter Icicle
Swarovski XMas project Wreath Snowflake

Little Miracles - Swarovski Projects

Moonlight necklace

Sparkling Dew
Sparkling earrings

Twinkling Urban
Twinkling bracelet


Shooting Star
NecklaceShooting star necklace

Sparkling Flower
HaircombSparkling haircomb


Get Ready for the Holidays - Preciosa Projects


Swarovski Elements Halloween Projects

Crystal Corn 
Crystal corn earrings. Halloween project

Crystal Corn
Crystal corn necklace. Halloween project

Halloween Treat 
Halloween treat necklace. Swarovski Elements jewelry project

Spooky Trees
Charm Bracelet
Spooky trees charm bracelet. Swarovski Elements jewelry project

Witches Hat
Witches Hat earrings. Swarovski Elements jewelry project


Swarovski Elements Fall/Winter 2013/2014 Innovations Projects


Autumn Leaves
Autumn leaves bracelet

"Can't get over that blue shade"
Blue shade necklace

Key to the Open Forest
Key earrings

Key to the Open Forest
Key necklace

Pure Leaf Shoulder Duster
Leaf earrings

 Pure Midnight Leaf
Midnight leaf earrings

 Patchwork Bracelet
Patchwork bracelet

Southwest Earrings
Southwest chandeliers

Victory Pendant
Victory pendant


Swarovski Pendants Projects


Circles Pendant
Circles pendant jewelry project

Dazzle Pendant
Dazzle Pendant jewelry project

Helios Pendant
Helios Pendant jewelry project

Rock Pendant
Rock Pendant jewelry project Swarovski

Orchid Pendant
Orchid Pendant jewelry project

 Pegasus Pendant
Pegasus Pendant jewelry project Swarovski

 Pearl Flower Pendant
Pearl Flower Pendant jewelry project

Lotus Pendant
Lotus Pendant jewelry project

Zinnia Pendant
Zinnia Pendant jewelry project Swarovski

Swarovski bracelet project

Seed Beads Preciosa Projects

Late Harvest - Seed Bead Project Budding of Spring - Seed Bead Project Simple Beading - Seed Bead Project Simply for the Joy - Seed Bead Project

Projet Swarovski pierres a coudre

Chrysanthemum Earrings
Chrysanthemum Earrings

Briolette Bead 5040, 8mm
3700 (Marguerite Lochrose), 6mm
5020 (Helix Bead), 8mm
5328 (XILION Bead), 3mm
5727 (Fish Bead)

Daffodil Earrings
Daffodil Earrings

XILION Bead 5328, 8 mm
3700 (Marguerite Lochrose), 6mm
5020 (Helix Bead), 8mm
5328 (XILION Bead), 3mm
5727 (Fish Bead) 

Hydrangea Earrings
Hydrangea Earrings

Sew-on Stone Marguerite Lochrose 3700, 6, 8,10 mm
3700 (Marguerite Lochrose), 6mm
5020 (Helix Bead), 8mm
5328 (XILION Bead), 3mm
5727 (Fish Bead)

Marigold Earrings 
Marigold Earrings

Round Bead 5000, 8mm
3700 (Marguerite Lochrose), 6mm
5020 (Helix Bead), 8mm
5328 (XILION Bead), 3mm
5727 (Fish Bead)

Tulip Earrings 
Tulip Earrings

Teardrop Bead 5500, 9x6mm
3700 (Marguerite Lochrose), 6mm
5020 (Helix Bead), 8mm
5328 (XILION Bead), 3mm
5727 (Fish Bead)

Flower Pot Necklace 
Flower Pot Necklace

5020 (Helix Bead), 6, 8mm
5328 (XILION Bead), 3, 4mm
5727 (Fish Bead), 18mm


Preciosa Projects

Black and White Preciosa project Mixed Seed Bead Preciosa project Sewn Seed Bead Bracelet Preciosa project
Spring Caress Preciosa project Summer Heat Preciosa project Woven Seed Bead Preciosa project

Mother's Day Projects

Twinkling cherries earrings Lipstick tube. Mother's Day project Brilliant Zipper. Mother's day project

Easter Projects

Ring Easter Bunny Easter Egg Charm Bracelet Easter Egg Earrings
Easter Egg card Easter Napkin Ring Easter Nest Hair Tie
Easter Egg Necklace

Valentine's Day Mini Projects

Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Wild Heart Chandeliers Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Floating Blue Heart Earrings Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Radiant Heart Earrings
Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Triple Heart Necklace Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Happy Valentine Necklace Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Be my Valentine Tie Pin
Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Red Magma Wild Heart Drop EarringsSwarovski Valentine's Day project - Red Magma Wild Heart Pendant

Swarovski Valentine's Day Projects

Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Brooch Love Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Collar Love Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Heart-in-Lace Hair Pin
Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Earrings Love Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Key Necklace Swarovski Valentine's Day project - Be my Valentine Tie Pin

Swarovski Mini Projects

Swarovski Innovations mini project - Art Deco earrings Swarovski Innovations mini project - Art Deco pendant Swarovski Innovations mini project - Floating Heart necklace
Swarovski Elements mini projects - Radiating Helix earrings Swarovski Elements mini projects - Oval Bead necklace and earrings Swarovski Elements mini projects - Double Helix Lariat necklace

Swarovski Holiday Projects

Swarovski Holiday project - Charming XMas Swarovski Holiday project - Forest of Wine charms Swarovski Holiday project - XMas toy soldiers earrings
Swarovski Holiday Projects - XMas tree earrings Swarovski Holiday Projects - White forest earrings
Swarovski Holiday Projects - Angel Swarovski Holiday Projects - Boot and Bell Swarovski Holiday Projects - Candle holder
Swarovski Holiday Projects - Colar Glamour Swarovski Holiday Projects - Ring Antique Glamour Swarovski Holiday Projects - Nostalgic decor


Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Projects

 Denim blue heart link bracelet  Loving that antique pink necklace  Petrol pearl toursade and earrings
Multistrand antique pink bracelet  Swarovski Elements Innovations colors Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Graphic denim blue pendant


Swarovski Fall Projects

 Fall earrings. Swarovski project  Swarovski necklace project  Swarovski cell phone charm project


 Swarovski Halloween Projects

Pumpkin Pendant. Swarovski Halloween Project Ghost Pendant. Swarovski Halloween Project Jack-O-Lantern Swarovski Halloween Project
  Bat Pendant and Earrings. Swarovski Halloween Project  


 Bracelet Studio 54


Apoxie sculpt, bronze AS.25LB/BRZ
Bracelet bangle BR749/GL
Cabochon, gold tiger's eye SP40X30/GTE
Crystal Swarovski 1100, Chaton Rhinestone, PP32 size PP32/1100/219
Crystal Swarovski 1100, Chaton Rhinestone, PP18 size PP18/1100/219


Summer Holidays Projects 



Flat Backs Projects