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Simply for the joy - Seed Beads Bracelet Project

The Twin, a new two-hole seed bead product from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand, enables the interesting, effective and very simple connection of strung rows of seed beads and beads. The simple oval and round shapes of the seed beads create a fine net where the carefully chosen colors create the impression of a spider’s web with dewdrops.
Try it yourself and make yourself a summer bracelet just for the joy of it.






PRECIOSA Twin PRECIOSA Twin Beads, GBR2H/58205 crystal matt and rainbow
PRECIOSA rocaille PRECIOSA rocailles GBC10LGBR10L or GBM10L, size 10/0 (recommended colors: yellow - 86010, light blue - 38000)
PRECIOSA rocaille PRECIOSA rocailles GBC8L, GBR8L, GBM8L, size 8/0 (recommended color: alabaster - 02090) 
  Pressed beads 6mm size GBFP6MM
Tools for sewn seed bead bracelet Thin nylon line (0.20 mm); needle, scissors, ruler


 You can use the color combination shown in the detailed drawing or you can choose your own colors. For this reason, we will not mention the layout of the rocaille colors in this procedure. The bracelet described here corresponds to the standard bracelet length of 18,5 cm. You can lengthen or shorten it as needed. 

1. String 16x R 10/0, 1x T and thread the line through all of the seed beads one more time. This will create a circle which you should tighten well and finish with a surgeon’s knot.


Pull the end of the line into the rocaille holes on the lefthand side of the circle. Pass the line through the second hole of the T, string 2x R 10/0, 1x R 8/0, 2x R 10/0 and 1x T through one hole and then back through the second hole. Repeat this procedure 18 times to achieve the standard length of the bracelet. After completing the first row, string 5x R 10/0, 1x PB 6 mm and 1x R 10/0, thread the line back through the pressed bead (PB) and the nearest R, string 4x R 10/0, thread the line through both T holes, string 2x R 10/0, 1x T and 2x R 10/0, thread the line through the outer T hole and through five seed beads from the first row, string 2x R 10/0 and continue once again through the seed beads in the direction towards the last rocaille through the PB.


2. On the way back, string 2x R 10/0 symmetrically like on the second side of the outer T and complete the second threading of the line through the seed beads up to the second T from the edge where you should thread the line through both holes. Then string 2x R 10/0, 1x T and 2x R 10/0 and thread the line through both holes of the nearest T from the first row. Repeat this procedure 17 times. Thread the line through the five rocailles from the initial outer circle, string 11x R 10/0, 1x T and 2x R 10/0, thread the line through the seed beads one more time into a circle, tighten well and start stringing the next row.


3. Thread the line through the second hole in the outer T and then string 2x R 10/0, 1x T, 2x R 10/0 and 1x T through one hole and then back through the second hole, repeat this procedure 18 times like when stringing the first row, including the procedure for ending the row with the pressed bead.


4. Then string 2x R 10/0, thread the line through the empty T hole from the second strung row, 2x R 10/0 and thread the line through both holes in the T from the third strung row, repeat this procedure 17 times and in doing so you will join the second and third strung rows.


The bracelet consists of eight strung rows, so it is necessary to repeat the entire stated procedure one more time. If you wish to have a narrower bracelet, you can terminate the stringing after the second, fourth or sixth rows.

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