Preciosa Project - Wedding Diadem

Wedding diadem - seed bead project

This original headband made with seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand consists of two sizes of rocailles and the two-hole PRECIOSA Twin™ seed bead. The selection of seed beads in the color combination of crystal with a silver lining and white chalk with lustres predetermines its use on special occasions.



PRECIOSA Twin PRECIOSA Twin Beads, GBR2H (color used here - crystal silver -78102)
PRECIOSA rocaille

PRECIOSA rocailles GBC10L, GBR10L or GBM10L, size 10/0 (color used here - crystal silver -78102)

PRECIOSA rocailles GBC4L, GBR4L or GBM4L, size 4/0 (color used here - crystal silver -78102)

Tools for sewn seed bead bracelet Headband hoop (a flat profile, round), a thin 0.35mm wire – surface finishing: silver or platinum
Additional tools: snipping pliers, flat nosed pliers



First prepare the circumferential band. Alternately string 1 x Twin bead and 1 x Rocaille10 onto the wire (designate the length according to the length of the band and add ca 10 cm). Add 3 x Rocaille10 between both holes of the Twin bead at the end of the band at the turn. Continue stringing the Twins and Rocailles10 until both ends of the wire meet. Cross them and twist them several times and hide about 1 cm between the band and the hoop. Do not fully tighten the band completely, the wire will be needed when connecting it to the hoop. You need 59 x Twins to create the band. 


 Place the band on the centre of hoop and wind it around the outer seed beads several times. Hide the short end of the wire between the hoop and the band. Pass the long end of the wire under the outer wire at the beginning of the band. Pull it in. Repeat the same on the opposite side of the hoop at the band’s second outer wire at the same place. Pass over 2 x Twin beads (leave one gap) and repeat the attachment. Once again pass over 2 x Twin beads and continue to the end of the band. In order to affix the edge of band, twist the wire around the outer seed beads, pass the wire under the band and snip it off. 


Form the arches. Prepare three wires (designate the length according to double the length of the curve and add ca 10 cm). Count out 29 x Twin beads from the band and pull the centre of the wire from them under the two Twin beads on both sides.
Alternately string the Twin and Rocaille10 on the wire similarly as in the case of the band. Leave out several Rocailles10 on the inner side of the curve which will help to form it.
Twist the end of the wire around the hoop under the band. Start the smallest arch at the foot of the biggest arch and twist the end of the wire at the centre of the headband.
The biggest arch requires 28 x Twin beads, the central arch requires 18 x Twin beads and the small arch requires 14 x Twin beads. The ending: the biggest and central arches 15 x from the beginning and the small one 25 x from the beginning of the band. The beginning: the largest arch 27 x from the beginning, the central one 29 x from the beginning and the smallest arch 17 x from the beginning of the band.


Attach the 6 stems with seed beads between the two arches in the centre of the headband. Cut off about 1 m of wire. String 1 x Rocailles4 in the centre. Cross the wire and wind it several times. String another 1 x Rocailles4, the distance of the placement of the Rocaille from the end of the already completed stem is the approximate length of the new stem. Fold the wire and twist. Proceed in the same way with the other stems. After completing all six of the stems, twist the end of the wire around the hoop. The length of the stems is 6 - 8 cm. Use the short wire to attach the stems between the arches. Form smaller 3 - 4 cm long stems at the edges behind the arches. 


Make the flowers on the top arches. Use about 60 cm of wire and place it in the middle. Start making the flower in the first half of the wire. String 10 x Twin beads and twist the wire several times.
String the central Rocaille4 and 1 x Twin bead and pass the second end of the wire through the second hole of the Twin bead. Also pass it through all the second holes of the Twin beads and twice in the first Twin bead (do not tighten). Affix to the arch and continue to the second flower. On the way, strengthen the 4 stems by means of simple winding.
String 10 x Twin beads and create a ring. Add the central Rocaille4, pass the wire between the opposite seed beads and into the second hole of the Twin. Also pass it through all the second holes of the Twin beads and twice in the first one (do not tighten).
Attach the end of the wire to the arch. Add the central flower between the arches. Make it in the same way as the first one above the arch. Continue to the flowers at the ends of the headband behind the arches. Make them in the same way as the arches; only leave out the part with the stem windings. 
Attach the end of the wire to the arch and to the band.

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