Preciosa Project - Thorny Twig

Sewn bracelet made from PRECIOSA Chilli™

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the new PRECIOSA Chilli™ pressed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand.
The elongated imaginative shape supplements the popular range of two-hole beads with which it has an identical hole spacing. The axially deviated holes predestine this bead for simple compositions in the form of a zip in the case of a regular stringing on a strong or flexible material, during which the ridge of the bead excellently interlocks into the side groove of the adjacent one. The flattened shape and the side orientation of the holes enable the creation of flat relief applications in combination with round beads and seed beads up to a size of 4 mm. 
It is also suitable for use with the PRECIOSA Pip™ or PRECIOSA Thorn™ beads.
This new bead is suitable for all types of surface finishes.

PRECIOSA Thorn™ (22pcs) GBTHR16
PRECIOSA Rocailles, size 10 (180pcs) GBR10
metal parts – a carabiner; small ovals or rings; an adjusting chain; a 0.20 mm nylon line;
a thin needle; scissors; flat nose pliers (for closing the rings and flattening the start of the line); snipping pliers



Use the right angle weave stitch to create this bracelet. First sew one band. The second sewn band will be connected to the first one at the same time as it is sewn. Sew on the fastening at the end.

Step 1:
String a row of beads and seed beads onto the line. The Chilli bead has two holes. In this phase, use the holes nearest to the centre of the bead. String the Chilli from the external side, but the Thorn and the further Chilli from the internal side. Repeat this 11x. String 10x 3 Rocailles between these fragments. String 2 x Rocailles at the end of the row.
Step 2:
Tread the line through and add the Rocaille and return to the beginning of the row. First, insert the needle into the lower holes of the both the following Chilli. Leave out the Thorn. Repeat this 11x. Additionally string 1x Rocaille. Thread the line through the first of the three Rocailles strung in the row. Additionally string 1 x Rocaille. Thread the line through the last of the three Rocailles in the row. String 1 x Rocaille. Thread the line through the bottom hole of the following Chilli. Repeat this 10 times. Additionally string 2 x Rocailles at the end of the row. Tie off the line. Pull both ends of the line into the holes of the Chilli and Thorn.

Step 3:

Repeat Step 1

Step 4:

The Rocailles in the second band are connected in the same way as in the first one. A further 2 x Rocailles are strung to the bottom Rocaille near the Chilli. The fourth is added from the first band, i.e. nearer to the Chilli. Altogether, this forms a „square“ of four Rocailles. So, string 2 x Rocailles. One of them is the lower one next to the Chilli. It forms half of the „square“ together with the second strung one. Thread the line through the Rocaille by the Chilli from the first band. Add 1 x Rocaille. Return to the Rocaille by the Chilli on the forming band from the opposite side. Carry out this connection a total of 22 x. Also pull the ends into the holes of the Chilli and Thorn.
Step 5:
Prepare a 4 – 5 cm adjusting chain. Connect two ovals or rings to the carabiner. String 2 x Rocailles on the line. Thread the line through the „square“ of Rocailles at the edge of the bracelet. Additionally string 2 x Rocailles. Thread the line through the last link of the chain or the last oval or ring by the carabiner. Thread the line through the first and last two strung Rocailles. And also the top Rocailles from the „square“ between them. Tie off the line. Pull the ends into the surrounding Rocailles.