Preciosa Project for St. Valentine

Seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads are perfect for creating romantic gifts. Preciosa Ornela has prepared a tutorial for two types of gift boxes made using popular two-hole PRECIOSA Twin™ seed beads. If you have not yet had the opportunity to try out this oval two-hole seed bead, here is a very simple method of creating surfaces which can be easily connected together and linked. The box will become a nice and practical gift which you can hide a nice surprise in. The wide range of color finishes, this time mainly in an opaque finish, will enable you to utilise your creativity and to create your own color combinations. We wish you many creative ideas when working with Czech seed beads.


Twin bead PRECIOSA Twin™ (1013 pieces); GBR2H (choose your own color)
Rocaille beads PRECIOSA rocailles GBR10L, size 10/0





The walls are sewn from mat pink Twin seed beads. String 32 x Twin beads and alternately tilt them to the left and right in the row. Sew 1 x Twin bead into each of the created gaps in the next rows. They will create interconnected columns. A total of 36 columns and 16 rows will be created.









The base is created out of four triangles of pink matt beads interconnected with metallic pink Twin beads. Sew the triangles according to the drawing (figure no. 4) and then sew them into a square.







In the first two rows, add one Rocaille bead from each side of the Twin bead in the same color as the Twin bead.
Tie the central 8 x Twin beads into a ring. Sew the resulting square to the sides of the box by adding a rocaille according to the drawing (figure no. 5).



The walls of the box lid consist of 64 columns and 7 rows. The triangles, from which the top of the box lid is created, have 7 x outer Twin beads.  As such, connect the 7 x Twin beads from the side wall and leave out the eighth one.  Sew the triangles into a square in a similar way as the bottom. When connecting the triangles from the edge to the connecting Twin, add the rocailles in three rows.









In the box with the heart, start with a stringing of 23 x Twin beads. Alternately tilt the individual Twin to the sides and then add other Twin to the gaps. Create 27 columns and 23 rows.

String the first metallic Twin in the middle of the eighth column and add one from each side in the further rows according to the drawing up to the 18th column until you create a heart (figure no. 6). 
















 Step 5:

Sew the side walls of the lid with the heart from rectangles created from 15 columns and 7 rows. 
Count off the 3 outer Twin beads on the part with the heart. From the next Twin, sew the wider side of the prepared rectangle (figure no. 7, 7a).