Preciosa Project - For All Children

Twin beads projects

Figures and toys made from the seed beads of the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand can also be fun. So let us also keep children in mind when making seed bead products and create cute seed bead figures and toys which can become pendants on a simple bracelet or necklace or pendants for keys or a mobile telephone.

Preciosa Ornela has prepared a set of seed bead pendants for children’s costume jewellery. These sewn seed bead figures and toys will please both small and bigger boys and girls.

The PRECIOSA Twin™ seed bead is once again the main construction element, but this time for the creation of stylised shapes which have been inspired by children’s toys, figures and animals.

The simple arrangement and innovative connection of the seed beads gently stylises and copies the popular motifs.

Preciosa Ornela offers only the basic approaches here, because an infinite number of variants will arise from your own imagination or your children’s wishes. Preciosa Ornela wishes you happy bead work :o)




PRECIOSA rocailles GBR10L, size 10/0; GBR8L, size 8/0
Glass pearls IPCZ5MM; IPCZ8MM
a 0.20 mm nylon line, chain, connecting rings, a snap hook, flat nose pliers


Prepare the necessary number of seed beads and pearls and string them according to the individual pictures. Choose the colours according to your own design. Proceed in the direction denoted by the arrows. Do not forget the connecting rings which you should string on the line at the place marked in the pictures. Then pass the line back into the hole of the seed bead or pearl.
Before completing the pendant, carefully straighten the shape, tighten the line and finish off the product with a strong surgeon’s knot. Pull the end of the line into the holes of the nearest seed beads and cut it. You can use the connecting ring to connect the individual pendants to a chain, the length of which you can modify as required, and finish with a snap hook.


Twin doll




Material: 12 x Twin beads, 32 x Rocailles 10/0 (it is also possible to use 8/0 in the sleeves), 1 x IPCZ5MM








Ballet Dancer Twin beads




Material: 7 x Twin beads, 33 x Rocailles 10/0, 1 x IPCZ5MM






Cat Twin beads



Material: 4 x Twin beads, 20 x Rocailles 10/0, 6 x Rocailles 8/0, 1 x IPCZ8MM





Car Twin beads


Material: 14 x Twin beads, 4 x Rocailles 10/0, 5 x Rocailles 8/0, 2 x IPCZ5MM





The groom, Twin beads



Material: 3 x Twin beads, 36 x Rocailles 10/0, 1 x Rocaille 8/0, 1 x IPCZ5MM







The bride, Twin beads




Material: 21 x Twin beads, 30 x Rocailles 10/0, 1 x IPCZ5MM