Preciosa Project - Flowering Meadow

We would like to introduce you to the new PRECIOSA Pip™ bead. It is excellent, for example, for creating flowers which you can use to decorate the accessories in your wardrobe. Its dimensions of 5 x 7 mm comply with the current trend for mini beads. The axially symmetric flattened shape of the small core enables the realisation of half metal coating on both sides of the bead with the resulting effect of an overall decoration. When six beads are connected into a circle, they can easily be used to create a decoration in the shape of flat flowers, which can then become a universal semi-product for the
realisation of a varied range of costume jewelry fashion accessories or embroidery.

PRECIOSA rocailles GBR6L, size 6/0 (63pcs), 

PRECIOSA rocailles GBR8L, size 8/0 (44pcs)

PRECIOSA Pip glass beads GBPIP7
a 0.20 mm nylon line, a thin stringing needle, scissors, flat nose pliers (for flattening the beginning of the line), flexible stringing material, a ruler, 1.5 cm eye pins, glue (metal – glass)


Step 1:

You need 9 flowers to create a bracelet, 2 for earrings and just one flower for the creation of a ring. In order to make one flower, string 6x P onto a nylon line and pass the needle and the line through them in the same direction one more time (fig. no. 1a).

Tie the ends of the lines together with a single knot and twist one of the ends of the line around the centre of the flower twice. Then tie both ends of the line together with two to three strong knots and cut off the excess (fig. no. 1b).
Step 2:
The procedure for creating the bracelet and the ring is similar. String the necessary GBR6L (6x) (fig. no. 2a) or GBR8L (30x) (fig. no. 2b) onto the flexible stringing material, then thread the needle with the stringing material through the centre of the sewn flower, string 1x GBR8L and thread the needle and the line back through the centre of the sewn flower from the second
side along the centre of the line. When making a ring, thread the needle with the flexible stringing material through all the strung GBR8L one more time in the same direction (fig. no. 2c), tighten well, tie both ends with two to three knots and cut off the excess. When making a bracelet, repeat the procedure 9x and string a total of 54x GBR6L and thread the needle with the
flexible stringing material through all the strung GBR6L one more time in the same direction and add 1x GBR6L below each flower (fig. no. 2d)

 (Back of the bracelet)

 (Front of the bracelet)

Step 3:
Create the earrings using eye pins, onto which you string and glue 1x GBR8L, thread the eye pin between the lines which pass through the centre of the sewn flower, once again apply a suitable glue to the thread and string 1x GBR8L. Tighten everything well and place earring butterfly clasps onto the eye pins.
You can also apply the sewn flowers on a plastic headband using eye pins, sew them onto a ribbon in combination with GBR8L or realise them as an embroidered decoration.