Preciosa Project - Earrings with Spikes beads


You will need the soutache, the new beadcalled Spike which is in the shape of a coneand PRECIOSA Twin™ seed beads, if you wishto be inspired by this tutorial for the creationof individual earrings.
PRECIOSA ORNELApresents a procedure for the creation of circularcreoles.
The earrings created by meansof the witty use of the technique of sewingaround beads with soutaches also standout as a result of the combination of the newSpike bead with PRECIOSA Twin™ seed beadswith an exceptional surface finish in a goldshade known as Amber.







Spike pressed beads GBSP17, size 17mm, color used here is amber, 32 pieces
Imitation pearls, 4mm, IPCZ4MM, 2 pieces
PRECIOSA rocaillesGBC10L,GBR10LorGBM10L, size 10/0, color used here is 47010 - black diamond
PRECIOSA Twin Beads,GBR2H, 18 pieces
Metal parts:
memory wire (6 cm diameter),
gold eye pins (25 - 30 mm, 15 mm),
a gold ring (5 mm), a gold earring clip mechanism, a gold cap.
A soutache (width: 6 mm, length: ca 40 cm, gold),
nylon thread (0.1 mm; 0.2 mm),
a thin sewing needle, needle nose and flat nose pliers, large snipping pliers, scissors and hot melt glue.



Separate one ring of memory wire, add 2 cm and snip it. Create a loop at one end withthe needle nose pliers. String 2 x Rocailles10, thenalternately string 1 x Spike bead and 1 x Rocaille10 and thenstring 2 x Rocailles10 at the end once again (figure no.1). Reckon with some play for sewing on thesoutache and for creating the second loop.Snip off the remainder of the wireand use the needle nose pliers to createa second loop. Then fully close both loopsusing the flat nose pliers.



String 1 eye pin onto each loop and fully closethem (figure no. 2).







Cut two pieces of soutache about 23 cm longand start to stitch both pieces of the soutachetogether 2 cm from the edge. Sew in theedge of the memory wire with the outer loopbetween the soutaches. Use the 0.1 mm nylonline (figure no. 3).





Turn the spike outwards on the two consecutiveSpike beads. Sew through one piece of the soutacheto the gap between the first two Spike beads and startto connect both opposite soutaches. Sew themthrough several times in both directions.Add 1 x Rocaille10 and then sew it through once again.Gradually sew in the individual Spike bead between thesoutaches in the same way.


Sew the edges of the soutaches together,cut off the rest and clean it up. Pass the eyepin through the opening in the cap (figure no.4). Hide the ends of the soutaches in it andtighten. String 1 x Rocaille10 onto the eye pin, shortenit to the necessary length and create a loopusing needle nose pliers.





Sew rocailles (figure no. 5) onto the connectedsoutaches; 8 x Rocailles10 next to the outer Spike bead and7 x Rocailles10 for the others.
Start at the cap andalternate the sides of the individual Spike bead throughthe Rocaille10 which have already been sewn on.
After completing the row up to the secondedge, sew the rocailles on the other side of theindividual Spike bead in a similar way (figure no. 6).









Prepare the decoration of the earring clipsaccording to the picture (figure no. 7).Attach the decoration to the clips usingthe hot melt glue. Connect the clips withthe earring rings using eye pins onto whichthe IP 4 are strung. The loops on these pinsare perpendicular to one another, turned by 90°.Connect the loops of the eye pins on the clipsand on the earrings using the small ring.



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