Preciosa Project - Crocheting With Preciosa Ornela


Crocheting is nothing new. It is one of the simplest handcraft techniques and everybody can do it. The inventive combination of crocheting and the use of a flexible stringing of beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand gives rise to an interesting and effective result which will surprise everybody who tries this technique.

A sufficient amount of interestingly combined seed beads, flexible stringing material and a fine crocheting hook combined with a certain amount of playfulness and an interest in the result are all that is needed. Your reward will be enjoyment from this very simple procedure which is used
to create an effective product.

We wish you much happy beadwork :o).





A mix of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads seed beads

Flexible stringing material (Opelon, Elastomer, Lycra), a 0.25 mm line, a stringing needle, a hook, scissors, flat nose pliers
Metal parts: earring hooks, a mobile phone cord


Step 1:
String the seed beads (10 g) onto the flexible stringing material or onto the line. The stringing on the flexible stringing material is easier to tighten during crocheting. The stringing of the small seed beads onto the flexible stringing material is simplified by means of a loop created on the fine line threaded through the eye of the needle.
Step 2:
String the entire amount of seed beads, but do not yet cut the chosen stringing material from the bobbin
Step 3:
Take the hook and create the basic loop about 8 cm from the beginning of the stringing material

Step 4:
Create every other loop after a certain number of strung beads and seed beads. In this case, we always separated 15x beads and then crocheted a further loop onto the flexible stringing. Repeat this procedure 10 - 12x
Step 5:
Now cut the stringing material from the bobbin with a reserve of ca 8 cm and pull the end through the last loop

Step 6:
It is also possible to work with the remaining strung beads in the same way. Tying off both ends of the stringing material will lead to the creation of the seed bead pom-pom

Step 7:
The seed bead pom-poms can be used to create earrings or mobile phone pendants 

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