Preciosa - Fashion and Color Trends. Summer/Spring 2013

Glass color palette composition forecast along with selection of pearl and seed bead shapes and finishes invites inspiration and creativity in design of pieces made out of glass beads and seed beads PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads for Spring / Summer 2013 fashion season.

Eternal Harmony

Eternal harmony. Preciosa color and fashion trends 

Creation of harmonious and balanced color consonance calls for exquisite taste and plentiful time tested experience. Enjoyable conservative play of subdued earth tones reflects rich cultural heritage of humanity and welcomes positive absorption of modern preference.

Colors: celsian, santander, honey, black diamond, cobalt blue, montana, ceylon, pale blue.

Lavender Poetry

Lavender Poetry. Preciosa fashion and color trends

Peaceful, levelheaded and refreshing essence of fine sun-worn pastels transcends the geometry of cut facets and dynamic seed beads lines. Sensitive combination of glass airy colors and transparent shades is sequenced in decorative images composed of contrasting surfaces.

Colors: chrysolite, honey, light violet, chrome green, dusty aqua, lavender, clear gray.

Opulent Reflection

 Opulent Reflection. Preciosa fashion and color trends

Stunning metal reflections of bead and seed bead silver finishes dance with pure extra terrestrial shine of vacuum decors and transparent colors. Heavy, frigid full metallic coatings optimistically lighten and brighten clear colors of surface decors and transparent glass.

 Colors: black, graphic white, chrome, lagoon, silver mink, deep sky blue, capri blue.

Caribbean Cruise

 Caribbean Cruise. Preciosa color and fashion trends

Entertaining and extremely playful combination of expressive clear colors full of lively and unrestrained explosion of ideas. Charming clear shades of primary colors give themselves bravely and wildly to the adventure of large number of glass accessories of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech seed beads.

Colors: sulphur yellow, magenta, lucid aquamarine, citrine, hyacinth, scarlet red, coral orange.