Preciosa - Fashion and Color Trends. Spring/Summer 2015

Spring/Summer 2015

Once again the new PRECIOSA ORNELA trend collection brings you a preview of possible color combinations for the upcoming fashion season – this time for the seemingly distant 2015 spring/summer season.


Connection. Preciosa color and fashion trends

The morning fog could be the harbinger of a hot summer day. Prepare yourself for surprising combinations of designs, shapes and colors. The stark coolness of the silver and platinum finishes stands up well to the contrasting pleasant warmth, even sweetness, of the creamy marzipan-tinted shades. The neutral blue-gray is freshened with the colors of a summer’s dawn. The softness of a sweet romance are contrasted with the austere lines of a futuristic décor. Vying for your attention in this palette are new and classical seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads collection.

Colors: strawberry, ruby silver, plum, lilac, celestial coolness, earthy brown, antique bronze, copper


Echo. Preciosa color and fashion trends

The porcelain look of the opaque raw glass, the transparent effects of partial metal plating, and the spectacular reflections and earthy copper finishes: these all add to Echo’s rich cornucopia. What one color barely suggests is confirmed by the next stronger and more striking shade beside it. The increasing intensity of the color combinations lends itself to many technical surface finishes on both the seed and new beads in the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads product range.

Colors: strawberry, ruby silver, plum, lilac, celestial coolness, earthy brown, antique bronze, copper


Labyrinth. Preciosa color and fashion trends

The wide product range and the exceptional quality of PRECIOSA ORNELA glass is simply unparalleled anywhere in the world. So choose from the amazing palette of vibrant, transparent, and completely unique hand-made glass combinations of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass! Lose yourself in the bountiful maze of nature’s most basic hues: the calming tones of the ocean sky; the cold and intense smoky-blues of arctic waters contrasting with the fresh glacial turquoise of icebergs that hover on the surface; or the pure greens of summer leaves and fragrant pine needles.

Colors: summer green, green grass, icy turquoise, medium blue, pink jellybean, bougainvillea


Wreath. Preciosa color and fashion trends

Surround yourself in the cool shades of summer! The resulting refreshing, fruity cocktail pairs well with the season’s light textiles. This palette perfectly matches PRECIOSA ORNELA’s spectacular range of colorful surface finishes, available on a base of either transparent or opaque glass. It is also possible to add almost any of the available PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads metallic effects to these finishes. Front and center here are PRECIOSA ORNELA’s new beads for this season, which elegantly show off their stunning silver and gold reflections. And their matte and shiny brass cousins are just as eyecatching!

Colors: citrine, opal yellow, brass, ocher-gray, watercolor brown, lilac, cool blueberry