Preciosa - Fashion and Color Trends. Spring/Summer 2014

Spring/Summer 2014

This Spring / Summer 2014 forecast of glass colors and bead and seed bead shapes and finishes brings you ideas and inspirations for the creation of fitting collections made with PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads.


The annual process of selecting the right color combinations often leads us back to the very basic of inspirational sources. The genius of the natural harmony of nature’s designs always holds new surprises for us. Open your eyes and take in the remarkable world of flora and fauna that surrounds us. Enter the enchanted garden and discover the magic of its natural charm. These are all reflected in the both raw glass and its various subsequent finishes of beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads collection.

Herbarium preciosus ornelis

Sewn Book Cover with Floral Motif

Sewn Book Cover with Floral Motif. Preciosa color and fashion trends

Throughout the years, history has shown us the striking effect that beaded embroidery has had. The growing popularity of embroidered and sewn bead items invites you to design your own themes and color combinations. Let the wide range of transparent and opaque colors, including a variety of surface treatments, become both a source and a means of expression for all enthusiasts of the creative use of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads and seed beads.

Colors: Luminous Coralin, Coral, Dark Green, Ice Gray, White Chalk, Champagne

Anthophyta preciosus ornelis

Bouquet of Beaded Wildflowers

Bouquet of Beaded Wildflowers. Preciosa color and fashion trends

Charmingly pure shades of pastels daringly and freely surrender themselves to the adventure of infinite possibilities of glass accessories in the form of beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads collection. The poetic harmony of the floral tones and designs perfectly matches the colors of nature. The color combination underlines the fun and playful palette of bright colors and cleverly designed bead flowers.

Colors: Pink, Azalea Pink, Jade Dust, Lemon Jelly, Levander, Light Gray, White Satin

Chrysochloa preciosus ornelis

Bead Bug

Bead Bug. Preciosa color and fashion trends

The colorful world of beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA® Traditional Czech Beads product line pulses with a vivacious and wild explosion of ideas. Metallic vacuum décor and colorful irises take advantage of the glass accessories’ textures. The ongoing popularity of various metallic effects continues to dominate clear glass. They also coordinate well with the dark and conspicuously vibrant color combinations of the rich and transparent glass used.

Colors: Cooper, Green Iris, Grafit Green, Indigo, Lime, Burnt Ochre, Luscious Olive Brown

Alcedinidae preciosus ornelis

Bead Bird

Bead Bird. Preciosa color and fashion trends

Bright satin colors lightened with fine striations show off their distinctive originality. Combined with vibrant colors with iris and luster finishes they create the ideal symbiotic match. The confident appearance of flawless glossy and purpureal matt colored finishes perfectly complements the fragility of the feathery satin colors. This watercolor-like look gives us a fresh second chance to use glass accessories in both classic and non-traditional jewelry techniques.

Colors: Blue Ink, Soft White, Turquoise satin, Orange Sun, Blue Iris, Dark Steel Gray