Preciosa - Fashion and Color Trends. Autumn/Winter 2015/2016

Autumn/Winter 2015/16

The Secret Stories of Beads The traditional PRECIOSA ORNELA glass beads, available under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand, boast the widest range of glass bead colors and shapes in the world. The spectacular and limitless variety of glass jewelry accessories simply begs for playful perfection. So, follow us into the wonderful fairytale kingdom of beads, and let yourself be carried away with creative ideas and fabulous sources of inspiration. Let them entice and inspire you to invent fantastic new color and shape combinations!

GOLDENHAIR (Czech Fairytale)

…and he immediately commanded his servant to cook the fish for lunch. "But, do not let the fish so much as touch your lips, lest you pay with your head!" George, the servant, wondered why the King was so adamant. So, once it was done, he put the tiniest piece on his tongue and tasted it.

Fairytale adventures have many colors. Every day it may be a different one, or it may be a changeable one. Elegant dark charcoal black tones alternate with a dark stormy metallic luster gray. The color of hope is symbolized by the luxurious-looking pure sapphire blue. Flashes of pyrite and gold hues are the colors of happiness.

Colors: Brass, Pyrite (Fool's Gold), Gold, Anthracite, Tungsten, Slate, Graphite, Hematite, Opal Luster, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli

SINDBAD THE SAILOR (Arabic Fairytale)

…and my soul filled with whispers of an ocean adventure. So I boarded the ship, sailed off to the city of Basra with my crew of merchants, and we were at sea for several days and several nights, as we passed island after island and sailed from sea to sea, and from land to land.
Hop aboard our galleon of exotic spices, rare woods, and fanciful tales. Taste all the shades of cinnamon, the various delicate flavors of tea, and oriental spiciness, as we meander here and there on the turbid high seas and calm coastal waters. Let yourself drift away on the waves of unfamiliar floral scents.

Colors: Cinnamon, Roasted Coffee, Orange Peel, Green Tea, Olive, Wasabi, White Pepper, Medium Blue, Ocean, Deep Sea

THE SNOW QUEEN (Danish Fairytale)

…Outside it was a snowy maelstrom. "The white bees are swarming," said the old granny. "And do they too have a queen?" asked the boy, because he knew that real bees have queens. "Yes, they do, " said the granny. "She flies over there, where the snow is thickest. She is the grandest flake of them all..."
Enter into this winter wonderland, where the frost and the sun play side by side. Here, rays of sunlight sparkle on the snow's icy crystals. Together they paint a wintery rainbow of delicate greens, blues, cool purples and fine powdery pinks. Peace and tranquility reign over the entire land.

Colors: Glacial River, Moss, Sage Green, Winter Rainbow, Iris, Fine Powder, Dawn

TWO KINDS OF LUCK (Russian Fairytale)

...he took a plate of gelatin and returned home. On his way, the sun was shining, reflecting rainbow's on the gelatinous surface. The gelatin melted, slid off the plate, and was gone to the sun. Only a puddle remained. Poor Ivan was angry, "You bad sun! You're playing your games again, but my children will cry. Just wait – I will hunt you down and you will answer for this mischief."
Vivid, happy tones of bright colors contrast with one other. Nonetheless, thanks to a similar intensity and opaqueness these colors actually complement one another. A refreshingly cool yellow intertwines with a shimmering turquoise. Together they harmonize with the grassy and pine tree greens. These, in turn, then resonate with the luscious deep blue and warm ruby.

Colors: Banana Jell-o, Ginger, Spinach Green, Leaf Green, Pearlized Turquoise, Juicy Cherry, Pomegranate, Cobalt Blue