Preciosa - Fashion and Color Trends. Autumn/Winter 2013-2014

Autumn/Winter 2013-2014

 Strong and confident season looms on the horizon. Its palette is defined by sparkling light surrounded by the dominant darkness. Let’s immerse ourselves in cosmic velvet darkness, silky matt and fall on the certainty of classical natural materials. Beauty, charm and elegance remain as perfect forms of modern perception of today’s world. We do not have to leave futuristic values or succumb to nostalgia. Let the harmony of color depths and their sensuality take us away.

Back to the Light

Back to the Light. Preciosa color and fashion trends

Bold confrontation of dark surfaces with strong accents of contrasting colors can be seen in almost abstract functionality of textile details compared to glass accessories. Aggressive expression of contrasting colors effects the perception of dark, classical tones. It creates a feel of light effects of theater spotlights.

Colors: silver white, royal blue, plum butter, strong pink, dark brown, shiny jet, slate gray, jet 

Experience Perfection 

Experience Perfection. Preciosa color and fashion trends

Sensual sparkle and rainbow darkness will guide us. The perfection of colored irises enriches structured fabrics and velvet surfaces. Contrast of luxury look and minimalist patterns is perceived as absolutely natural. The shape variability goes with utmost harmony and convincing resulting effect.

Colors: color irises, garnet red, olive green, emerald, eggplant, cobalt blue, dark green, fuchsia

Live Magic

Live Magic. Preciosa color and fashion trends

Original influence of intense and still modern opaque shiny red emphasized by a play of earthy natural tones of selected natural sources of kaolin clay and various minerals cannot be missed. Sophisticated spontaneity of contrast unity infallibly attracts attention.


Colors: opaque cranberry red, fuchsia, caramel brown, night gray, lagoon, blue luster, hematite, blue iris.

Moonlight Shadow

Moonlight Shadow. Preciosa color and fashion trends

Sparkling pearl velvet of light pastels occupies, despite its fragility, a dominant position. Metallic shine softly oscillates between cold and warm feel of gold and silver. Contrast of geometric constructions with the softness of the look aims at natural synthesis of lightness and freshness.

Colors: icy gray, light gold topaz, light yellow pearl, light blue opal, steel gray, chinchilla, pink marzipan, brown iris