Preciosa Decor Project - Seed Beads Christmas

Preciosa Ornela presents a simple tutorial for the creation of a highly effective seed bead lace star.

Seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Bead brand will enable you to easily create a romantic Christmas atmosphere.

The delicate seed bead star in the sentimental cream color can be used as a refined costume jewellery accessory, a wedding decoration or a luxurious Christmas decoration.

Celebrate Christmas this year with hand-made seed bead accessories.







PRECIOSA Twin PRECIOSA Twin Beads (10pcs), GBR2H
PRECIOSA rocaille PRECIOSA rocailles GBC10LGBR10L or GBM10L, size 10/0 (200pcs)
  Imitation pearls, size 4mm (1pc) (IPCZ4MM)
Tools for sewn seed bead bracelet A fine stringing needle, a 0.20 mm line, flat nosed pliers, scissors. Metal parts depending on the further use – a broach fastening, a clasp etc.


 The following description will help you to create individual stars which can be hung using ribbons or strings on the branches of a Christmas tree or as decorations. If you want to use the stars as costume jewellery components, for example in hair clasps, with a broach fastening, a ring or a necklace made up of them.



String 10 x Twin beads on a line and tie them into a ring (figure no. 1).






Pass the line through the second hole of the outer Twin bead. Add 4 x Rocailles between each Twin bead and pass the line through the first Rocaille between the individual Twin beads one more time in the same direction (figure no. 2). Add a total of 40 x Rocailles in this row.





Start creating the individual points of the star from the first sewn rocaille square. Add 10 x Rocailles and pass the line back through the ninth. The tenth rocaille forms the top of the star’s point. Add another 9 x Rocailles, leave out one rocaille square and pass the line through the two Rocailles from the next square according to the drawing. Proceed in this way around the circumference of the basic ring (figure no. 3) twice. The individual rows are connected in the third rocaille. Sew the line in at the end and cut it off.




 If adding a broach fastening or a hair clasp, sew the star to the metal plate which forms the upper part of the broach fastening or hair clasp. Tie the line to the middle of the plate, string the 4 mm IPCZ and sew them to the centre of the plate. Place the finished star on this central bead and sew through between the middle Twin bead and then at several further points depending on the size of the plate. Upon finishing, pull the nylon line into the lower part of the plate, tie a strong knot and cut it off ca 0.5 - 1 cm from the knot. Attach the plate and the star to the second part of the used metal mechanism and attach the remaining metal parts of the fastening or clasp.




It is possible to create a Christmas decoration by making a star which has been expanded to include a further row of seed beads. In this case, step 1 is the same, while it is possible to string the seed beads on a thin wire from step 2 onwards in order to strengthen the star (figure no. 4).





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