Monkeybiz is no monkey business!

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Monkeybiz is no monkey business!

When our boss and owner of Frabels returned from his dream of a lifetime travels to Africa he adorned his office with this unique and whimsical menagerie/collection of beaded animals.

The pieces were interesting enough on their own, but when you hear the story behind their creation the value placed on them is priceless.

Monkey Biz is a non-profit organization in Cape Town with the intention of empowering women and giving back to the community. These women are taught skills and uncovered hidden talents to make not only beautiful pieces but an opportunity to support their families. Beading has been a craft passed on from generations. This straightforward practise has been pushed to the edge as the women were encouraged to make each piece unique. As a result this new form of beading art is sought after from galleries, museums and personal collections on an international level. All the while the profits generated are directed back to the community, providing incomes, proper nutrition, and community services.

Using rich colored glass seed beads and wire each piece is a one of a kind showpiece. Each piece is signed by the artist authenticating its originality and recognizing the women as artists. Empowering the women as entrepreneurs, they are paid per piece, as self-employed as opposed to being paid as employees.

The small little glass seed bead has transformed uneducated, unemployed, under nourished often single mothers into budding empowered bread winning artists!

Monkey Biz is no Monkey business!