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Preciosa Project - Shadows of Flowers

The following is a simple tutorial which will enable you to make elegant earrings inspired by the beauty of nature. The PRECIOSA Ripple™ pressed bead makes a natural impression thanks to its symmetrically rippled surface. The mat finish of the dual color vacuum decoration known as California goes excellently with the golden rocailles. Thanks to the wide
color range of beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand, you can create your own color combinations and harmonize the accessories with your wardrobe and with various occasions.

PRECIOSA rocailles GBR6, size 6/0, 

PRECIOSA rocailles GBR10, size 10/0

Ripple beads PRECIOSA Ripple™ (GBRIP12) (24pcs)
a 0.25 mm nylon line (ca 1 m); 2x 4.5 cm antique bronze eye pins; 2x ancient bronze earring hooks; scissors; needle nose pliers; flat nose pliers; snipping pliers


The earrings in the shape of flowers are made using the so-called „four-bead“ technique.

Step 1:

String 1x GBR6, 1x GBRIP12, 2x GBR6, 1x GBRIP12, 2x GBR6, 1x GBRIP12 and 1x GBR6 onto a line which is about 50 cm long. Move this strung row to the middle of the line. String 1x GBR6, 1x GBRIP12 and 1x GBR6 on one end of the line and thread the second end through them in the opposite direction.
Step 2:
String 1x GBR6, 1x GBRIP12 and 1x GBR6 onto each end of the line. String another trio of 1x GBR6, 1x GBRIP12 and 1x GBR6 onto one end of the line and thread the second end through them in the opposite direction. Repeat the entire step one more time.

Step 3:

String 1x GBR6, 1x GBRIP12 and 1x GBR6 onto each end of the line and thread both ends through the initial trio of 1x GBR6, 1x GBRIP12 and 1x GBR6.
Step 4:
Pull on each end of the line and tighten everything equally. This will create the first flower. If you want to secure it, you can thread the line through the side beads and seed beads and create a few strong knots on the way. Cut off the remainder of the line. It is a good idea to drip some glue on the end knots so that they do not loosen over time.
Step 5:
String 1x GBR6, 1x GBR10 and the created flower onto an eye pin. Add 1x GBR6 and 3x GBR10 at the end.
Bend the eye pin just after the last rocaille and shorten the end to ca 8 mm using the snipping pliers. Then use the needle nose pliers to create a loop.
Step 6:
Hang the flower on an earring hook.
Step 7:
Repeat the entire procedure once again to make the second earring.